Tidewater Traditional Dance

Contra Dance, International Folk Dance and British Isles Dance come together to support the community's dancers.





Please keep in touch, we will notify our dancers as soon as we have clear direction that it is safe to return


                                                                    CONTRA DANCE  Schedule - 2019-2020


Month Day Band Caller
September 21 OBex Ben Allbrandt
October 19 Cutie and the Hot Wings Phoebe Williams
November 16 The Rhythmajigs Ben Allbrandt
December 21 Orion Phoebe Williams
January 18 Cutie and the Hot Wings
Greg Frock
February 15 Orion Ben Allbrandt
March 21 Cutie and the Hot Wings
Ann Fallon
April 18    
May 16    
June xx    


CONTRA DANCES Beginners welcome; no partner required
Dances are taught and walked-through before they are danced, and are called during the dance.
 Live music, generally Irish fiddle tunes or old-time music.
Generally 60 to 90 attendees with an even balance of guys and gals for these aerobic, high-energy, foot-work free, flirtatious dances.



The Norfolk Contra Dance is on the 3rd Saturday of the month (Sept - May, Special Dance in June)

Sponsored by TRADIN TRADitional Dance in Norfolk), a member of TCDC, INC.


First Lutheran Church of Norfolk
1301 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA

Dance workshop begins at 7:00; dance from 7:30-10:30. 

Cost:  $8.00 for TCDC members; $10.00 for non-members

Join TCDC at the door ($10 single; $15 couple -- help the dance community and save $2 on every dance this year.)


First Lutheran Church of Norfolk
1301 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA


  In the Ghent section of Norfolk, a block down from the Naro Theater-- use entrance in back of building.  Parking is generally available behind church.

 As usual, the free Contra Basics Workshop begins at 7:15, with the dance from 8:00 to 10:30. 

The cost is $8.00 for TCDC members; $10.00 for non-members.  TCDC membership is available at the door ($15 single; $25 per couple) and saves you $2.00 at each dance, while supporting the local dance community.

TCDC (Tidewater Community Dance Council) helps Contra, British Isles and International Folkdances in the Tidewater area with a web site, insurance, and general support.  YOUR support of TCDC helps us keep these dances alive.



TRADIN (TRAditional Dance In Norfolk) Contra Dancers

meet on the third Saturday of every month to dance to live music with a caller. Contra dancing has moves similar to old-time square dancing, done with a partner and another couple in a line. No costume or partner is required and there is new dancer orientation every month. Anyone who can walk can contra dance!  New dancers are always welcome, so come out and join us.